Amber Foxworth

#Mastermind is a community designed to help the growing entrepreneur looking for ongoing Facebook/Instagram advertising support. We will provide a space for you to ask questions and get help throughout the week. There will also be a weekly call included for troubleshooting and/or discussing new strategies/techniques. This is for you if you need a little nudge but you also expect to own all of the implementation and optimization work.

#Mastermind is all about:

  • Sharing techniques, strategies and tools that empower you to improve your campaign
  • Guiding you through how to implement a/b tests
  • Exploring testing techniques
  • Helping you navigate the technical (pixels, catalogs, etc.) intricacies

#Mastermind is NOT about:

  • 1-On-1 assistance, the feedback is in a group setting and you have to be comfortable allowing others to learn from the feedback and guidance provided to you.
  • Negative energy, we are not counselors, we're marketers. We want to talk about solving Facebook and Instagram advertising problems not all of the performance issues you had with Agency X.

Hope to see you inside, Amber

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