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Become a YOU vs. You VIP Member today! Get access to over 30 channels! various bots (momentum scanners, halt bots, borrow-rate scans, unusual whales bot, Support/Resistance levels, stock charts, etc), daily watchlists and education from our team, chat with the community of supportive traders experienced in day trading, swing trading, options trading, shorting and crypto.

The goal of "YvY" is cooperative trading that benefits from a place of learning focused culture. We want to give members the opportunity to grow into self-sufficient traders. We also hope that members benefit from the community aspect of a trading discord and hope to maximize that benefit by keeping this a collaborative trading environment. Our goal is to create a place where education, collective thinking, live trading, and sharing of experience will help make every member, teammate, and mod a better overall trader.

The Mods & I would like to extend our gratitude for you being here from our beginning over a year ago. Check the member testimonials channel in the Discord and let our members tell you what being a VIP Member did for them. Thank you again for the ride and we hope to continue with you in the future.

We are not financial advisors, so use our news feed and trade responsibly. No refund, we will credit you for a future purchase.

Sincerely Justin and YvY Team

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